Scheduling an Appointment


Appointments for both of our offices are scheduled by calling 650-551-1115 or 800-427-5367.  We have Saturday
appointments in both offices, although be aware that these appointments are often filled weeks in advance. Our priority is the best possible care for your pet, so we will always accommodate emergencies.  It may not always be possible for an urgent appointment to occur at your preferred location or with your usual doctor.  We ask for your understanding in this.

How do we examine your pet’s eyes? Will it be painful? Will it require sedation? What can we actually tell about your pet’s vision? Here is a description of what occurs at an eye exam.

Our doctors’ schedules in each location are listed here so that you will know what options may exist for the location and doctor of your choice.

We will try to remind you of your appointment in advance by either phone or email, whichever you prefer.   Reminders are performed 2 business days in advance of the appointment; therefore, if you do not check your email frequently, we suggest you request phone call reminders.

We kindly ask for the consideration of a minimum of 24 hours for cancellation of scheduled appointments.

Recheck Examinations and Refilling Medications

Candid_Recep_2Recheck examinations will be scheduled to monitor your pet’s response to treatment and to detect any complications associated with the condition or the medications which have been prescribed. Even though some eye conditions may be chronic with long-term treatment expected, it is still important that we examine the eyes periodically. For ethical and legal reasons, we can only  refill medications for pets with which we have developed and maintained a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship, which requires follow-up exams at appropriate intervals determined by the doctor. The maximum re-exam period for pets on medications is 12 months, since we are legally prohibited from refilling medications after one year.

Payment Options

Payment is required at the time services are rendered or medications dispensed. Veterinary Vision accepts cash, checks, credit cards (Visa,  Mastercard and Discover) as payment. We understand that unexpected medical expenses can be difficult to meet, and that some eye conditions need to be treated promptly. CareCredit ( is an option for deferring payment via a company outside of Veterinary Vision, with several plans offering low to no interest.

History of Veterinary Vision

Veterinary Vision was established by Dr. Cynthia Cook in 1991 and was originally located in San Mateo, California. Dr. Albert Mughannam joined the practice in 1997, the same year that a second office was opened in San Francisco. Veterinary Vision moved from San Mateo to a new, state of the art facility in San Carlos in 2006. A new San Francisco office opened in 2009. The practice currently has four board certified ophthalmologists and a support staff of ten. Both practices see patients from the entire Bay Area.

Purpose Statement — The Ideals that Guide Our Actions and Our Policies

To improve and preserve the visual health and comfort of our animal patients.

  •  To communicate with our clients as partners in their animal’s well being.
  •  To promote awareness and education about eye disease in pets to veterinarians and the public.
  •  To maintain a respectful and professional environment where expertly trained professionals can practice the highest quality of medicine possible.