Our Patients: Hall of Fame


Buster developed diabetes at 12 years of age. He rapidly became blind due to cataracts (common to nearly all diabetic dogs). Surgery was performed to


Best thing we ever did for her. Sure, she managed when she couldn’t see but she gets around even better and has more fun when


Toby is like a brand new dog. He is almost like the puppy I got 12 years ago. He is very happy. It is like


The results of the surgery were very good. Within 3 days we could tell he could see much better. Over a period of a week


Baby is 13 and has become a puppy again. She got her life back!


Her sudden blindness caused Blair to be depressed and subdued. With the return of her vision came the return of her happiness, her curiosity and


Vicie is a 10 year old Boston Terrier. Before cataract surgery she was running into things and becoming less active. Now, according to Michael, she


Henry is a 17 year old Iguana — a very impressive age by Iguana standards! Before surgery Henry wasn’t moving around much. Now he goes


Hercules has bounced back to the happy playful dog he was before his vision loss. I would recommend this procedure for any dog, no matter


Katie and Sarah are so happy that Lucy can see and play with them again!

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