How to Schedule an Appointment

Veterinary Vision is committed to partnering with you, as the primary care veterinarian, to provide the best possible ophthalmology services to your patients.

We encourage telephone consultations to determine if a case needs to be referred and how urgently it should be seen.

Our San Francisco and San Carlos offices are open weekdays and Saturdays.

It is helpful for us to have a brief pertinent history of the condition, previous diagnostic tests and treatments. We have prepared a  CASE SUMMARY FORM for this purpose. This is preferable to faxing all of the pet’s records.

We are available for after hours consultation on emergency treatment of patients and to assess whether or not an emergency case needs to be immediately seen directly by a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Exam Room SC
Indications for an Ophthalmology Referral:
  • Any evidence of CATARACTS — Preferably as early in stage as possible.  Keep in mind examination prior to complete lens opacity allows for a fundus evaluation to detect evidence of retinal disease.   Additionally. early detection and treatment of secondary lens-induced uveitis reduces complication rate and severity.
  • Any suspicion of GLAUCOMA — corneal edema, scleral injection, pupillary dilation, visual impairment, elevated IOP. See information on Emergency Treatment for Glaucoma
  • Corneal ULCERS which are deep (>30% of the corneal depth) or non-healing (duration > 7 days), even if superficial
  • Visual impairment, acute or chronic
  • Ocular symptoms (blepharospasm, epiphora, change in eye appearance or position) for which the cause is not apparent, especially if unresponsive to therapy
  • Ocular trauma — proptosis, corneal or scleral laceration, intraocular hemorrhage
  • Conditions requiring surgery of the cornea or intraocular structures or eyelid reconstruction
  • Chronic inflammation (possible tumor, lens luxation, uveitis)

We provide regular continuing education lectures in our San Carlos office and would welcome the opportunity to do a CE lecture at your office for a group of veterinarians.