What Makes Veterinary Vision Unique?

Veterinary Vision is a group of experienced and board-certified Veterinary Ophthalmologists. Our four doctors have about 100 years of combined experience as ophthalmologists. Now that’s experience talking!

Dr. Cynthia Cook

Dr. Cynthia Cook received the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State University in 1980. She completed a residency in ophthalmology at North Carolina

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Dr. Mughannam

Dr. Albert Mughannam attended the University of California at Davis and received the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1989. From 1989-1990 he did an

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Dr. Lynch

Dr. Gwendolyn Lynch is a Florida native who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in biology. She then returned

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Dr. Szymanski

Dr. Carol Szymanski received the DVM degree in 1968 from the University of Illinois, completed an internship and residency at the Animal Medical Center in


Link to Typical Doctor Schedule

The linked schedule represents a typical schedule by doctor and location, but is not updated weekly to account for temporary changes such as those necessitated