Case Study 9

A 13 year old M/N Cocker spaniel presented with a history of multiple, progressively enlarging eyelid masses.

Post op tumor excision

Surgical excision was performed. As the entire lower eyelid was involved, eversion was required to reform a functional eyelid margin and prevent trichiasis.

Although microscopically, tumors of the meibomian glands may appear malignant and have a histopathologic diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, their biological behavior is nearly always benign.

The most common eyelid neoplasm in dogs is meibomian adenoma or adenocarcinoma. As with many other types of skin tumors, Cocker spaniels seem to be predisposed. Differential diagnoses include mast cell tumor or squamous cell carcinoma although these generally have a different clinical appearance.

Here are some other examples of the same type of tumor. Once there is contact with the cornea, surgical excision is recommended. When the tumors are small, they can often be removed under local anesthesia.