Case Study 4

This animal exhibits microphthalmia and agenesis of the upper lid margin. The eyelid malformation is congenital and usually occurs bilaterally. This eye is also microphthalmic and has persistent pupillary membranes which span from the iris to an anterior capsular cataract. Evaluation of the posterior segment is these cases often reveals retinal dysplasia. The effect on vision is, of course variable with the severity of the individual malformations. The eyelid agenesis results in discomfort and progressive corneal fibrosis caused by the eyelid hair contacting the cornea. In mild cases, daily application of topical lubricating ointments will maintains comfort and corneal clarity. In most cases however, surgical correction is necessary. Reconstruction of the eyelid margin usually involves a series of procedures which mobilize conjunctiva from either the lower eyelid or nictitating membrane.